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Ayo & Teo Fan Wall

Welcome to the Ayo & Teo fan wall!

Jul 16, 2017

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RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy
Aug 28

Dear ayo and teo ive been watching your vids since day 1 u inspired me to start dancing and I love your songs and everything about u guys. My favorite song from u guys is Fallen Angelse because it’s
dj vsavage
Feb 12

Yo ayo and teo bro Ima ball as hard as I can to get famous and rich so I can work wit y’all yall are like brothers to me. Even if I don’t know you in person I am one day going to meet y’all and show
Nov 27, 2018

Ayo, Teo! My real name's Henning, and I'm a scholar at the Boston Latin School. I absolutely LOVE y'all's dance. I'm a serious dancer myself from Boston, Mass., and I dance with OrigiNation Cultural A
Nov 11, 2018

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Sep 18, 2018

Jul 6, 2018

shmateo_fan_ AlaiyahStewart
May 17, 2018

Jennifer Lauren Nagyová
May 7, 2018

Can u come to Vienna please I am your biggest fan
Apr 20, 2018

Ziarra Upton
Oct 17

Ravyn Coburn
Jul 17

dear  mateo and  ayleo my name is ravyn  i am a huge fan of u guys  i have listened to almost all ur guys songs and i left a message on ur yt channel about coming  to  new zealand one day anyways im 1
Amy Dale
Jan 28

my 3 year old grandson is your biggest fan ever. He knows the words to most if not a of your songs and is now trying to learn all the dance moves. He watches your videos while he uses his asthma medic
Nov 11, 2018

My son who is four years old watches ayo and teo from the time he home from school to bedtime. He tries to do all they dance moves. I wanna get him convert tickets and meet and greet backstage just ca
Nov 10, 2018

I'm gonna send you a letter in the mail but i don't have your address
Jul 9, 2018

Saeo r
May 19, 2018

wish i could meet ayo and teo dance with them maybe go on tour their hair are so cool
May 17, 2018

Apr 26, 2018

My Grandson loves you guys, you are his friends, hopefully you will hit Harrisburg one day❤
Apr 17, 2018

Describe your experience seeing them on tour!
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