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Nov 27, 2018

Call me R8NBOW


Ayo, Teo! My real name's Henning, and I'm a scholar at the Boston Latin School. I absolutely LOVE y'all's dance. I'm a serious dancer myself from Boston, Mass., and I dance with OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center. I take most of my dance style after y'all. I go out on a big street in Jamaica Plain called Centre Street, and been makin' serious paper, just doin' my thing, dancin' and stuff. Y'all are the people I want to be like, and y'all are my idols. It would mean everything to see y'all here, and meet the whole squad. My instagram/snapchat will be goin' up pretty soon, and it'd be awesome if y'all could do a little something with my troupe, if y'all end up comin' up to the far north. Keep in touch!

New Posts
  • Ziarra Upton
    Oct 17
  • RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy
    Aug 28

    Dear ayo and teo ive been watching your vids since day 1 u inspired me to start dancing and I love your songs and everything about u guys. My favorite song from u guys is Fallen Angelse because it’s about x and his legacy and who he was I love dance vid that u made for the song. My question for u guys is where do u get your masks?
  • Ravyn Coburn
    Jul 17

    dear  mateo and  ayleo my name is ravyn  i am a huge fan of u guys  i have listened to almost all ur guys songs and i left a message on ur yt channel about coming  to  new zealand one day anyways im 16 and i want to be able to dance like u guys,u guys inspire me big time my fav song is skywalk   and rolex both have real cool meanings to it   i just hope u guys reply to my post  sincerly  ravyn
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