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Catlin Brothers. age 17
Mar 18, 2018

Massive FANGIRL...!!!!!!


Dear Ayo and Teo,

When I was 16 years old I went into a dark and depressive state of mind. All I wanted to do was seclude myself in a dark quiet place and never be seen or heard or again. Unfortunately I rejected any and all sources of help because I didn't want anything to do with anybody; not even my best friend and she would always message me and ask why I wasn't talking to her, but I would never answer her back and if I was to answer her I would say " It's not YOU. It's not your fault, just let me be alone!!!" While I was in this state of mind I would always listen to your guy's music and it would bring me back out to my present life. I was so miserable in this state because I didn't want anything to do with my family and friends, but eventually I reminded myself that there was and still is better things to do with my life instead of being depressed.


My wish and hope is that one day I will be able to meet both of you. That won't be soon though because my dad lost his job and we don't have much money. We can barely afford to buy food and clothes as well as other necessities. I am 17 now and waiting for someone to enter my life and not get turned down by them because of my weight. Which I have been bullied for my whole entire life basically.



Catlin Brothers


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