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shmateo_fan_ AlaiyahStewart
Apr 17, 2018

who is this with Teo??? i need answer

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shmateo_fan_ AlaiyahStewart
May 17, 2018

I no its his gf i just need to no more about her and her name so i can go and search it up and find and have a talk with her and make sure she treating him right and he treating her right i love teo to death dont wanna see his cute face hurt and i just wanna make sure he happy i may not be old enough to date him and he probabaly would never dat me anyway one day i will be old enough but still i no alot of ppl no how i feel about him im not obssed but if hes happy im happy teo i love u so plz be careful watch out some ppl will snitch or stab u in ur back and if i ketch someone do that then im gonna get them teo so dont worry i always got ur back everytime i see u smile or be silly im sitting here or standing smiling likre crazy bc i no that u are happy to be here some ppl dont appreciate what they got so i dont need u to be like that so dont turn out like that plz and appreciate life be nice to ppl i dont wanna ketch u messing with someone or bullying someone just bc ur bigger and u got more money doesnt mean u get to be like that u hear me little boy oh and btw i. 12 so if anyone is wondering there u go and teo u should try to do the sad challenge its fun im good at it me and my friends do it all the time at school it would so much morelitt if u do it so yeah bye i loveu so much be super careful with who u hang out with or who u talk to plz and finally bye bye

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