How Brothers Ayo & Teo Made Surgical Masks This Season's 'It' Accessory

"Brothers Ayo and Teo are very particular when it comes to their favorite outfits. Teo, 17, will most likely be in a Bathing Ape hoodie, a pair of skinny biker jeans and Adidas Yeezys kicks. Ayo, 20, too, will be in skinny jeans, but with a silk bandana waving from his belt. There will probably be a choker chain around his neck and Air Jordans on his feet."

"But go to any of their much-loved Instagram clips -- or even watch the video for their single “Rolex” -- and you’ll see the two bopping along with only their eyes and noteworthy hairstyles (Teo’s afro and Ayo's red braids) visible, making the young, viral dance sensations famous for accessorizing with the season's newest (and oddest) it-item: surgical masks."

Click here to read the full, original article on Billboard

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