Interview: Ayo and Teo "Rising Stars with "Rolex" Anthem

"Two young brothers from Michigan have been creating a powerful buzz with their anthem “Rolex”, an infectious tune capturing fans from ages 5 to 60. The official video has gained over 5 million streams and the single over 91 million."

"The video features the brothers dancing around Atlanta with their friends, and a cameo appearance by their idol, Usher. Having danced all their lives, the two were encouraged to try the singing end of it, and proved very successful with their new endeavor. These guys are the real deal."

"Certainly a team to watch out for in the near future, I was fortunate enough to speak with Ayo, and Teo, and found them to be vivacious, vibrant, and a blast."

Click here to read the full, original article on The Huffington Post

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